EXO’s D.O and Suho Visit Fans Injured at EXO Concert in Hong Kong, Agency Apologizes


EXO members D.O and Suho have paid a visit to a hospital in Hong Kong to check on the condition of fans injured at a recent concert.

SM Entertainment, the talent agency which represents the boy band, made the announcement that the group members would be paying personal visits to two fans, who had apparently been injured following a problem with the group’s set.

The incident occurred during the “EXO from EXOPlanet #1 – The Lost Planet in Hong Kong” concert, held on June 2. SM has confirmed that the injuries did come as a result of a faulty set.

SM stated that it would strive to improve safety conditions at future performance. A representative for the company said, “Together with the production companies, we will do our utmost to prevent an incident like this happening again.”

The agency says it takes full responsibility for the injuries, along with Dreammaker and Media Asia, two companies which collaborated in the production of the concert. The companies say they will also foot the bill for the fans’ medical care and other expenses incurred as a result of their injuries.

Source: Soompi


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